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Tibet the autonomous Region, the mystic Shangri-la, the forbidden Kingdom on the Roof of he World, is a source of inspiration for sages and ordinary at all time, and has captured man's imagination for centuries. Great explorers and adventurers of the century has ventured into this holy land rendered inaccessible by the hostile nature conditions and bandits that waylaid them across through the Himalayas. 

Popularly known as the "Roof of the World" Tibet, the very name evokes feelings of awe and mystery, and a land of ancient Buddhist Culture. Awesome landscape, artistic monasteries, exotic cities, hidden valleys and centuries-old caravan trails.

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 Expeditions in Tibet

Major Expeditions
: Mount Everest
       : Cho Oyu
       : Shisapangma
New Expedition(s)
: Kajaqiao
: Kardapu West I


 Our Tibet Trips

: Advanced Everest Base Camp
       : Lhakpa Ri Climbing
       : Kharta and Kangsung Valleys
       : Mount Kailash
: Everest Base Camp & Lhasa
       : Tibet Overland Journeys
       : Lhasa Sightseeing
Mountain Bike Tours
: Lhasa to Kathmandu


 Lhasa Sightseeing Tours

Lhasa... Extra ordinary people, great culture, ancient palaces and much more... a lost world


 Where we go next ?

Lhasa Kathmandu Bike Tour
Making world's longest and deepest bike descent, we will again make this descent. Our first group will operate on April... Join us

Following the routes of the first expeditions to attempt the rooftop of the world, through the most spectacular section of Tibet.

"We came to a halt, completely overwhelmed with astonishment. The sight of Everest wiped every thought from our minds. We forgot about rocky deserts and all our longings for other forms of beauty. We uttered neither questions nor comments, but simply stood there and gazed."

With these words, George Leigh Mallory described his impressions on 25 June 1921, at the mouth of the Rongbuk Valley. During the third British expedition, in 1924, Mallory was to lose his life along Andrew Irvine. more... (exclusive)

And we have another trek to Lhakpa Ri (new) as an extension


The savage & remarkable east face overlooking the solitary Kangshung Valley was observed for the first time by Mallory during the exploratory expedition of 1921.

"Early morning mist lifted quickly and the first snowy peaks appeared. We also had a good view back towards where we had come from. We set off early and rested near the river before the steep ascent onto the terrace above the Kama valley and into the Kangshung valley, where we were to trek for the following 2 days. The meadow floor was carpeted with flowers, with dewdrops glistening in the bright morning sun. The sun's reflection on the river, the array of colours, the snowy peaks in the background, these were experiences I shall never forget" - says Edwin Gruber who organized his trek with us on June 2003.

Yet again we will explore the great valleys around the Everest.



A pilgrimage around the mountain that is sacred to four different faiths.
It is a great adventure in history, in landscape and in the faiths of Asia. In the heart of the highest mountains on earth, Mount Kailash rises to an altitude of 6,714 metres, and is one of the most elegant and entrancing peaks in Tibet. For the traveller, this is a dream destination, almost inaccessible until just a few decades ago because of bad roads, political prohibitions, and the presence of bandits. But no Westerner has ever felt lonely in the area around Mount Kailash.

  see more ...



On this trip, we will follow the Friendship Highway through some of the most amazing landscape on Earth. We'll pass small Tibetan settlements, nomadic herdsmen wandering across the wide arid plains and awe-inspiring mountain peaks. Equally as fascinating is the wealth of cultural interest and we will have plenty of opportunity to explore this side of Tibet, both in Lhasa and the other towns.   more...



MOUNTAIN BIKE TOUR LHASA TO KATHMANDU (World's Longest and Deepest Descent)

This mountain bike tour is the world's Longest & Deepest descent from Tibetan Plateau to Kathmandu (Nepal). The only place in the world where one can go to Everest Base Camp with bike! Almost 15 days of biking with full logistic support where the total descent will be of unbelievable 4600m till the bikers reach Kathmandu.

Over the Tibet plateau we drive on endless crushed stone runways at settlements, monasteries and palaces. We stay overnight during this journey in hotels and in the tent. Guides and the escort crew from Nepal and Tibet provide for the smooth operational sequence. 

This Bike experience brings you also with the three religions to Buddhism, Lamaism and Hinduism in contact. The Tibetan culture, the country and humans make this journey the large event.  


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