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  Security Updates

 General Security Advisory


Welcome ! you might find this section useful if you are planning your trip to Nepal and still have doubt regarding the situation that exists now. Here you can  get almost the latest and important security updates / advices you can rely on.
Nepal has always been ultimate destination for the trekkers, mountaineers, and adventure seekers for several decades. The situation in Nepal has always been tourist friendly, however in these recent years visitors are advised to take extra caution for some of the reasons. Since the armed Maoist group have continued fighting against government for more nearly 10 years to establish the Communist Republic, their war has been of course main concern for the visitors and trekkers coming to Nepal.

However, despite of all things it is wonderful experience to find yourself in Nepal. Word of mouth has always been Nepal's biggest source of publicity. And surveys after surveys are reconfirming that once visitors are in Nepal, they always have good experience and fond memories to take back home. Travel to and within Nepal is still safe and enjoyable experience. Just you need to ensure few of things -  you are doing right.

  Maoist War in Nepal  What you need to know, and how safe the visitors / trekkers are ?


Maoist ceasefire welcomed
The travel and tourism industry with the ceasefire announcement has expressed their happiness and wished for long-lasting peace in the country.

Maoists in Nepal declare ceasefire
The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has declared ceasefire quoting they respect people's aspiration for peace and democracy.

Background -
The troubles in Nepal must be put in perspective. Trekking sensibly in Nepal is still much safer, the incidence of theft-robbery in Nepal is still far, far lower than other countries. Nepal has been and will be in the headlines but very few incidents actually have any impact on you as a trekker-tourist, although there are the occasional delays caused by transport strikes.

Trekking safety
The Maoist leadership has regularly publicly announced that tourists are welcome to visit Nepal. And it is fact that not even a single foreigner / trekker is kidnapped or killed by Maoists in Nepal.

Don't let the headlines put you off but please do discuss with us. Traditionally there is a ceasefire over the main Dasain (Nepal's "Christmas") holidays to Tihar, ie mid-October to mid-November.

Discuss with travel/trekking agencies while you finalize your schedule.

  General Security Advisory  

Tourist Police was established in 1979 under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. The special unit has been designated the task of providing security to visitors. The team of Tourist Police consists of officers who can speak and understand English and Hindi. They register complaints, investigate matters, provide protection and safety to tourists. They also try to ensure hassle-free trip for visitors and assist tourists when necessary. There are three units of Tourist Police forces in Kathmandu. While the main office is at the Tourist Service Center in Bhrikuti Mandap (Phone: 4247041, 4247037), the other two are in tourist areas Thamel (Phone: 4429750) and Basantapur (Phone: 4268969).

Here are some tips on how visitors can remain safe:

01. Inform you whereabouts immediately upon arrival to the concerned embassy or consulate.
02. Use the services of government registered travel and trekking agencies only.
03. Stay only at government registered hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges.
04. Use only those porters who are authorized by your travel agency or hotel.
05. Exchange foreign currency only at authorized places.
06. Never carry your wallet in the back pocket.
07. Make sure your wallet is in the inside jacket pocket or side pocket of the trousers.
08. Carry certified copies of documents and leave the originals and other valuables in the safe deposit box of your hotel.
09. Never leave these items unattended in your room and do not carry large sums of cash.
10. Carry travelers' cheque and limited amount of cash while on tour.
11. Never leave your luggage and other valuables unattended at any time, any place.
12. In case of theft or loss contact the nearest police station immediately.

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