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A pilgrim journey to the most sacred mountain...   Visiting Mansarowar Lake...

It is a great adventure in history, in landscape and in the faiths of Asia. In the heart of the highest mountains on earth, Mount Kailash rises to an altitude of 6,714 metres, and is one of the most elegant and entrancing peaks in Tibet. For the traveler, this is a dream destination, almost inaccessible until just a few decades ago because of bad roads, political prohibitions, and the presence of bandits. But no Westerner has ever felt lonely in the area around Mount Kailash.

The Kailash "Gang Rinpoche", which means "Jewel of snow" is striking in the way it rises high above the surrounding range and always remains snow - capped. Traditional Buddhist cosmology has often connected Kailash with Mount Meru, the great mythological mountain that forms the axis of this world system.




 Expeditions in Tibet

Major Expeditions
: Mount Everest
       : Cho Oyu
       : Shisapangma
New Expedition(s)
: Kardapu West I


 Our Tibet Trips

: Advanced Everest Base Camp
       : Kharta and Kangsung Valleys
       : Mount Kailash
: Everest Base Camp & Lhasa
       : Tibet Overland Journey
       : Lhasa Sightseeing
Mountain Bike Tours
: Lhasa to Kathmandu


 Mountain Bike Tours

Lhasa to Kathmandu Mountain Bike Tour... The world's longest and deepest bike descent, where one can go to Everest Base Camp with bike... !


 The Everest North Face

Advanced Everest Base Camp
Starting with a flight to Lhasa and trekking to the valley of Rongbuk, we get further to the Everest Advanced Base Camp (North Face). Join us


For this incredible journey, you'll have three main options. One, which we call the complete exploration of great civilizations starts from Simikot - Nepal and finally being at Lhasa. The next goes from the mystical Lhasa and returning back to Nepal from Zhangmu. And the remaining is suggested for those having 'a bit' of less time which is of lesser days however ensures we'll have seen many of the attractions not to miss.

 Simikot Valley (Nepal) & Mount Kailash

To begin this pilgrimage we start with a flight to Simikot in Nepal's remote Humla District. From here our trek follows the ancient salt trading and pilgrimage route towards the Nara Langa pass and to the border trade post at Taklakot. After the trekking, a stone pillar that marks the Nepal/Tibet border is just across a rickety wooden bridge, perhaps one of the most informal border crossings in the world. more>>>

 Lhasa to Mount Kailash

We fly to Lhasa embarking this journey and after exploring its numerous attractions the trip gets started driving through small Tibetan settlements, nomadic herdsmen wandering across the wide arid plains and awe-inspiring mountain peaks. Equally as fascinating is the wealth of cultural interest and we will have plenty of opportunity to explore this side of Tibet before reaching Mount Kailash. more>>>

 Timeless Tibet: - Zhangmu In / Zhangmu Out

Yet another good option! 
For those having less time but strong desire to visit the Mount Kailash - we've got an option. The trip starts with a drive to Nepal/Tibet border at Zhangmu and gets continued further passing through interesting Tibetan villages and settlements. Of course we'll have time to visit Lake Mansarowar and its surroundings. A journey of less than 3 weeks will bring you close to a different world, and a great experience - definitely. 


Trip Planning / Itinerary / Acclimatization:
>  We always plan our every trip with a great care. Itineraries we follow ensure
     to have sufficient time for acclimatization, and comfort.
     Of course there are stops for a coffee break, and to take photographs.

>  During our whole journey in Tibet we drive in 4wd Land Cruisers.
>  In Kathmandu, we normally stay either in Four or Five Star Hotels.
     In Tibet we will be using the best hotels / guest houses as available.
See the Hotels we use).
Team / Staff / Logistic Supports:
>  The whole trip will be backed up by Makalu Adventures very experienced
     support team. The Climbing Sherpa, Guides, and staff have wealth of
     knowledge. Of course the team will be insured, and well equipped.
     Makalu Adventure will provide the equipments of major logistic support
     such as camping and kitchen utensils. A professional kitchen crew will
     everyday prepare hot, and fresh food three times a day while trekking.
>  We will have with us a portable altitude chamber (PAC) but with steady
     acclimatization we will have no problems. 
     If you think necessary we can arrange VHF transceivers for the 
     communication in mountains and a satellite telephone for international and 
     emergency calls. Supplementary oxygen for emergency use too of course. 
Weather / Any additional info ?
>  However exactly unpredictable, but we'll keep us prepared for any extreme 
     condition. You are suggested to be prepared for the severe coldness.
     More details we send you gladly upon request. Just
email us.

A Pilgrimate World: Not influenced by a modern world. We can see in our trail the ld.
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